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Meet Belinda

Belinda has started to come to our program within the last few months. She has the most precious smile!

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First Birthday
It is hard to believe that Angely Namoi has turned 1 year old.

Time for a change

During the last couple of years our program has been focusing on building relationships with the kids and with some of the moms. We started out slowly with only meeting with the kids once a month, then we moved to once a week and now we are up to four days a week. During this time we have given the children a safe place to play and we have had weekly children church services. These activities have allowed us to build up precious relationships with them. However, we have felt for the last few months that it was time to change our program, but how was the million dollar question.

In order for us to figure out what to do next, we knew that we first had to seek God for the answer. However, it seemed that the only answer we were getting was that it is time to change locations, but we were getting no specific answers as what to do next. Finally, about a week ago we got our answer, we are to start a creative ministry center.

The creative ministry center will have move structured activities and for different age groups. We will no longer be meeting with all of the children at once, we will start meeting with them in smaller groups. For example, we will have activities such as reading, arts and crafts, drama, puppetry, baking and music classes. However, not all classes will be for the kids. Because some of the moms have asked Cindy to teach them how to make her cupcakes, we will have a baking class for them as well.

We are really excited about what God is asking us to do next. However, we must be honest and say that we are a little nervous as well. We have found a potential office space to rent, but we were told by the landlord that we must get approval from the municipality first. One of our local friends has called the municipality and asked if it was necessary for us to get this approval since we have a registered ministry here. The lady that our friend talked to said she did not know and that she would have to talk to her boss. As of now we have not heard back so we are waiting. We have also been told that if we need approval it is very expensive and a long process. We would appreciate your prayers as we navigate through this process.

Non-profit status

We are excited to announce that Love Changes All, Inc is officially a 501(c)(3) organization. We got our approval letter from the IRS in less than two weeks. We felt that God had been telling us to get this done for a long time but we kept putting it off. After repenting for not listening to what He was telling us to do we finally started the process.

Christmas Time

We would like to thank everyone that has bought Christmas gifts for our children. However, there are few gifts left to be bought, so if you would like to buy a gift for one of our children please click here. All gifts need to be bought by October 20th and please send them to the Pennsburg, PA address. We want to thank you in advance for helping make a great Christmas for the kids that we work with..

With God ALL things are possible. Matt 19:26.

Lots of love and Blessings,
John & Cindy Thalheimer
Missionaries to Costa Rica

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Yendri was one of the shyest kids that we have ever known. However, in the last months she has really come out of her shell and she now no longer runs when we look at her. In fact, she now plays with us and loves to close our car door when we leave.

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This is the first time for one of our boys to sing at our church service on Saturdays. Josue did an awesome job.

Prayer Needs

  • For the perfect location for the Creative Arts Center
  • For our safety as we travel back to the states on October 22 to shop for the kids Christmas gifts.
  • For all of our financial needs
  • For creative resources for the new arts center
  • For total healing for some of our friends and for John's dad and for John and I as we have been struggling with a cold.
  • For peace, wisdom and strength as we continue to minister here
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