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This little guy is graduating from kindergarten and they are having a parade. He needed a costume but his mom didn't know where to get one, so we made him this robot out of boxes and some things we had around the house.

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One of our girls loves to do new hairstyles, so when she comes to the house she is always wanting to practice on Cindy's hair. John asks if she will do his hair, but she always says "No Juan you don't have any hair."

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We can not believe that Christmas is almost here and we pray that you will have a great Christmas with family and friends. We will be enjoying our Christmas in Kansas with our son Jeremiah. Some of the kids who we work with wanted to come with us until we told them that it was going to be cold and could possibly snow. They liked the idea of snow, but said that they didn't want to go because it would be too cold for them. However, they did ask if we could bring some snow back with us.

We also want to say a great big "Thank You!!" to everyone who bought a Christmas gift for one of our children. They are going to be very excited with their gifts, so thank you again!

Creative Arts Ministry Center

As we wrote about in our last newsletter, we are trying to open up a creative arts ministry center. However, we have been unable to find a suitable location for this new adventure. The building that we wrote about in our last newsletter is pretty small and we have to sign a one year lease, so we are very unsure if this is the right building or not. During this time, we have also been working through the process to see if we need a business license to operate out of a commercial space. So far, we have been getting some conflicting answers. As of this writing, we believe that we do not need a business license because we are a non profit organization here and also because we will not be charging for our classes as we are only trying to help the community.

During this process we have met with the local child protection agency, and they were very happy to hear where we were working. The lady that we meet with also said that we did not need a business license. We will hopefully be working a little more closely with this agency in the future. It is not something that we have to do, but we feel that it is best so that if issues arise in the area where we work they will know that we are there and we can work together to resolve them.

We also had a meeting about four hours south of Coco with a group called Seeds of Hope. They operate clubhouses mostly in the Central Pacific area, and they are for ages 13-18. They are already doing more structured activities and have some materials that they are willing to share with us. However, since they are structured mostly for teenagers, we are not sure if their program is right for us. We have been praying about this and would appreciate your prayers as well.

Also, since we are no longer renting a building to be used as a children's center, we have just been bringing a few of the kids to our house at a time. This has actually been an important step in the transition to the creative arts center as the children are getting used to coming in smaller numbers and with children of similar ages.

Bible Study

We have some very exciting news to share. We are finally doing a weekly Bible study with some of the moms. We had one mom that was interested and so we told her that we would be happy to study the Bible with her. We are really excited because our class size has already doubled. We now have two ladies that are studying the Bible with us. We have always had a heart to teach the moms as well, but we have never had an opportunity until now. In fact, we have been working in Las Lomas for over 2 1/2 years and this door is just being opened up for us, so we would like to encourage you that if God is telling you to wait on an idea that you have, do not give up because His timing is perfect.

Please continue to pray for us as we start these new adventures with God. We are super excited to see what He is going to do next. We would love to hear from you!!!

With God ALL things are possible. Matt 19:26.

Lots of love and Blessings,
John & Cindy Thalheimer
Missionaries to Costa Rica

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Playing with some of the educational toys that we have. For these two boys, it was the first time that they have ever left the barrio where they live.

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Learning to play music is a new thing for some of the kids.

Prayer Needs

  • For John's dad for complete healing from bladder cancer
  • For the right location for our creative arts center
  • For all of our financial needs
  • For creative resources for the new arts center
  • For healing for many of our friends
  • For our new bible study class
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